About Le Pash


Le Pash is a well-known industry DJ and Host catering for a diverse range of audiences and music for all events and parties, from clubs to bars, birthdays and weddings to open air clubs and festivals.

With his passion for many genres of music and many years of experience in the industry Le Pash has built his way up in the ranks from the tender age of 16 and has a renowned reputation for being known as one of the best DJs/Hosts in the music scene with his unique cuts, tricks and mixing.

Le Pash has established himself working alongside the likes of DJ EZ, PIONEER, SHORTEE BLITZ, RAMSEY AND FENN, PIED PIPER, DJ LUCK AND MC NEAT, MC ULTRA, MC CREED, B-LIVE, MISTEEQ, SO SOLID CREW, OXIDE & NEUTRINO, MC SKIBADEE & SHABBA D, HEARTLESS CREW, DJ IRONIK, N-DUBZ just to name a few and regularly attends North Cyprus and Ayia Napa to DJ and Host in the Islands busiest and biggest clubs.

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